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Guide to My Medical Panel: A Global Healthcare Panel

Guide to My Medical Panel: A Global Healthcare Panel


There has been an amplified focus on the healthcare market research sector across various specialties to resolve complex medical research challenges faced by hospitals, clinical laboratories', and research facilities in this digital world. Healthcare market research is growing rapidly while enhancing a better system of conducting research courtesy of technological advancements. 

My Medical Panel (MMP) is a global online community of healthcare professionals from 150+ specialties, committed to aiding the medical field through healthcare market research studies. My Medical Panel has 540,000+ global members across 19 countries and is continuously expanding its horizon to new geographies.   

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) play a significant role in improving people's lives, which can never be realized if not in 2020! Novel Corona Virus has left a scar on many families across the globe, and we're relying on our medical fraternity to prove that humans can fight this menace as well.  Our HCPs have the #PowerToProve a new vaccine for the current pandemic and other ailments that humans face, including bringing out a new medical process and a new treatment. 

Research in healthcare market research can help players in the sector get to the core of the factors that drive the decision-making process for healthcare choices by gathering insights and opinions from healthcare professionals around the world. And for their valuable time they give for sharing feedback/insights through healthcare research, they possess the #PowerToPropel themselves. My Medical Panel knows that their time is precious, and hence, they get an honorarium for every research they participate in. 

There are 150+ specialties covered in our panel, and the partial list of those specialties are listed below:

  • Medical Oncology Dermatology 
  • Rheumatology Gastroenterology 
  • GP/FM/PCP Neurology 
  • Hematology Oncology Pulmonology / Respirology 
  • Cardiologists NP / PA 
  • Hematology Endocrinology 
  • Allergy & Immunologist OBGYN 
  • Pharmacist Psychiatrist
  • Ophthalmology Nephrology
  • Nurse Paediatrics 
  • Vascular Surgeon Infectious Disease
  • Internal Medicine Urology 
  • Orthopaedics General Surgeons
  • Interventional Cardiology Urology 
  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon Hepatology 
  • Dental Hygienist Dentist 
  • Emergency Medicine Interventional Radiology
  • Pain Management Specialist

Panel Quality & Data Protection: 

My Medical Panel pays utmost importance to data protection and follows all the global guidelines, like the ESOMAR code of conduct and GDPR guidelines.    

The Healthcare Research Panel is regularly updated to ensure data quality, and a lot of technological integrations have been deployed, which provides regular quality checks, including fraudulence checks.  

Proxy & Browser Detection: From registration through survey entries and exits, browser IP is captured and made unique.

IP Geofencing: Locates the registrant's country location through IP address and determines their eligibility.

Postal Address Verification: Verify the registrant's postal address and zip/postal code against a current local address directory.

Triple Opt-in Verification: Email & phone number verification via verification link and OTP.

Fraud Protection: Blocks suspicious & fraudulent submissions. 

Digital Fingerprint: Unique digital ID to ensure no multi responses 

Our Memberships & Affiliations:

My Medical Panel adheres to several codes of conduct and is a member of the following professional bodies: 

  • Intellus Worldwide
  • PMRC

Hope you found this useful guys… Please don’t forget to comment below on what you want us to write about next. And, don’t forget to JOIN MY MEDICAL PANEL today!!


What is My Medical Panel?

My Medical Panel is an online community of healthcare professionals across the globe, who join this platform to provide their expert opinion on medical surveys thereby helping all the concerned in bringing out incremental or radical changes in the future medical solutions.

How can I Join My Medical Panel?

Please click on the Join Us button on our website and fill the requested information. You will be receiving a confirmation via email/phone call to confirm the details you have shared.

Is there any subscription or membership fee?

No, there is no subscription or membership fee. Rather, we provide incentives in the form of honorarium when you participate in our research studies.