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Congratulations on becoming a panel member —But what’s next?

Congratulations on becoming a panel member —But what’s next?


Hey,?  Welcome on board.

You are now an MMPeer! 

We are a global medical panel encompassing everyone in the healthcare fraternity —  from a panel of doctors to a panel of chemists. We are so excited to welcome you to our diverse community of HCPs. 

Now that you have signed up, let us brief you on what happens next:

  • You will start to receive surveys relevant to your medical profile in your registered email account. The email would inform you in advance of the time required to complete the survey. We want you to find the perfect time in the day to fill it. Please don’t rush it. 
  • You can earn up to $1000/project (A project can have 1 or multiple surveys).  Once you complete a project, you can opt for gift cards from any commercial outlet in your region or even a prepaid cheque.
  • You get access to the exclusive My Medical Community on our website and to fellow HCPs around the globe.  
  • If you believe in our cause to aid in bringing incremental & radical changes in the field of medical science, you should refer your colleagues in the healthcare fraternity to My Medical Panel.
  • For your part in referring your colleagues and accelerating our cause, you receive an honorarium of your choice as soon as your referral completes their first survey.

Unsung Stories 

And now, allow us to talk about one of our unique offerings — Unsung Stories. We wanted to honour our healthcare professionals and bring out their stories in the limelight. That is our motivation behind creating the Unsung Stories Section on our website.  

As an RP, you can share your unique stories and experiences. We don’t have a benchmark to define how impactful your work should be to qualify to feature in our Unsung Stories section. If you positively impacted even one person through your work, you have made a difference. 

> The author of Soul Trader, Rasheed Ogunlaru, puts it beautifully  — “You’ve got to know what your magic is. How else will you fully share your gifts with others and enrich the world for these precious years that you live?”

So, please don’t hesitate to reach out and inspire us all. 

If you want to share your story on our website, just go to the Unsung Stories section and click on the big blue “Share Your Stories” button in the upper right corner of the page. You will then be redirected to a Google form in a new tab, requiring a Google account to share your story. The vernacular used in the form is in English. However, you can translate it to your local language by right-clicking on the form. 

Upon submission, we will review it and contact you as soon as we can. Once it is approved, you will get a confirmation via email. Upon which, your story will be featured on our website for the world to see. 

Our Primary Hashtags 

Our hashtags represent what we do and why do it. 

We have two primary hashtags that epitomize our brand mission; #PowerToProve and #PowerToPropel. If you search for these two hashtags on social networking sites, you can view our posts as well as the posts of our community members). Before we request you to participate on social media using our hashtags, here's the meaning behind them. 

Power to Prove 

Medical researchers, hospitals, companies manufacturing medical equipment, and other players in the medical field need your help to validate their work and hypotheses. The buck stops with you. You have a say in what gets out for the general public and what does not. You can literally mould the future of medical treatment. 

In other words, you have the power to prove. 

Power to Propel 

Although healthcare workers have taken an oath to dedicate their lives to help humanity, they too have a family to look after. We realize that, if they are taking the time out from their busy schedules to fill out our surveys, they should be thanked accordingly. We believe that through honorariums,  we can play a small part in relaxing your financial burden, even if it’s a little bit.  After you join our healthcare panel, you can potentially earn up to $1000/project depending upon your level of engagement.

And that’s why you have the power to propel yourself. 

Now you know the meaning behind our primary hashtags. You can use them to tag us or interact with fellow HCPs around the world. Hashtags are a great way to promote our cause of advancing the medical landscape, so take advantage of them and use them wherever you deem right. 

We are because you are 

Our community would not exist without sincere, hard-working, and compassionate healthcare pros like you. We want to keep improving it for you. Your experience on our website must be as smooth as possible.

> As Mark Twain put it — “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”. 

That’s why we are always open to your suggestions, feedback, and criticism. 


You understand the medical landscape better than we do and can help us advance our medical panel and community.

We want to keep improving our offerings and for that, we need to understand you better. What better way is there than to listen to your suggestions. 

So if you would like to propose a new feature or suggest any other changes, feel free to reach out to us at You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Contact us

While we strive to be perfect, sometimes we might fail to live up to our expectations. In those rare scenarios, give us a chance to serve you better by contacting us through our website or email.  We are here to help you, always. 


What is My Medical Panel?

My Medical Panel is an online community of healthcare professionals across the globe, who join this platform to provide their expert opinion on medical surveys thereby helping all the concerned in bringing out incremental or radical changes in future medical solutions.

How can I Join My Medical Panel?

Please click on the Join Us button on our website and fill in the requested information. You will be receiving a confirmation via email/phone call to confirm the details you have shared.

Is there any subscription or membership fee?

No, there is no subscription or membership fee. Rather, we provide incentives in the form of honorarium when you participate in our research studies.