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We are My Medical Panel, want to know more about us?

We are My Medical Panel, want to know more about us?


What is My Medical Panel? 

My Medical Panel is a global online community of healthcare professionals, covering 150+ specialties, committed to catalyzing medical advancements.

MMP is a panel for and of healthcare workers operating in tandem to improve the landscape of the medical industry. We believe doing so is vital to keep up with the uncertain challenges we are faced with, in the modern world.

Everyone from a well-experienced doctor to a chemist or even a part-time medical staff who works extra hours to provide us with the right care can join our panel. 

Once you register as an MMP healthcare research panel member, you will start receiving surveys relevant to your niche. You may fill them to help hospitals, clinical laboratories, and research facilities around the world to resolve complex medical research challenges. We know healthcare professionals don't have much free time and, that's why, we reward our panel members with attractive honorariums for their invaluable input. Still not sure if you should join us?

Who can join MMP as a panel member? 

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) who wants to advance ongoing medical research by filling healthcare surveys. HCP's who want to have side income. HCPs who have the know-how technicalities and can contribute in a meaningful way.

Why should you join MMPas a panel member?

Now that you have decided that you might be the right person to get on board, allow us to explain why you should seal the deal. 

Medical companies, researchers, hospitals, and other related institutions routinely look for hcps to validate their theories. 

But, the problem is that those institutions don't have the energy and the time to filter out the right people for the job. They also have a limited reach. 

And, the difficulty from your side is, you can't go around looking for theories to validate. Time is a luxury, or rather, a rare commodity. 

That's where we come into the picture. We bridge the gap and open the door to endless possibilities. We aggregate the surveys, and you only receive the ones relevant to you. 

I have decided to join. But, how can I join My Medical Panel? And how does this work? 

First, we are pleased to have you interested in us. Here are the exact steps that now follow:

Step 1 -- JOIN US -- Drop us an email or fill up the form on our ‘Join Now’ page. Verify the confirmation link that we will send to your phone and email. Bear in mind that sometimes, we reach out via phone/email to confirm your details. 

Step 2 -- TAKE SURVEYS -- Once you are in our system, we'll match relevant surveys to your profile as they come in and send them to your inbox. You will see the approximate time required for completion and the honorarium associated with it. And then determine whether to attend the survey or not.

Step 3 -- EARN ATTRACTIVE HONORARIUMS -- After a project concludes, we request you to wait 4-6 weeks to receive your honorarium. It can be a prepaid virtual card or a gift card. Your gift cards would be from top brands/outlets and based on your geographical location. Brands include and are not limited to Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, eBay, Target, Coles, Hudson's Bay, and Apple Store. Did we mention? You can earn a maximum of up to $1000 per project for your participation!

The aforementioned steps are how the process works at My Medical Panel. 

But wait, there's more!

As a panel member, you will have access to our ever-growing and exclusive community. You can interact and debate with like-minded peers from across the globe! 

What more do we offer? 

So glad you asked! One of our unique offerings is featured stories. We know there are unsung warriors in the medical industry landscape. Featuring their stories is our way of thanking them and putting their story out in the open for the world to admire. 

‘Featured Stories’ and how they work on My Medical Panel work? 

If you are a doctor or any other healthcare worker, you can share your story by going to the featured stories section of our website and highlight your work. It's a simple google form, and you can also attach any pictures or related documents if you want to. We would advise you to do so, as images and documents resonate more with people, and your story could attract higher traction. 

And, don't worry, you won't have to pay a single penny for it. We realize you have already done a lot for the community and, this is our way of giving back.

I am always on the run. Can I fill healthcare surveys on the go? 

Yes, you can! You can download our Android/iOS app to get started. We made sure to provide hard-pressed healthcare workers like you with this choice. 

How secure is my data? 

It is imperative to keep one's digital identity secure in today's digital age. We respect and value your data, and so it is stored privately on our servers and not shared with third-party advertisement services. Rest assured, your information is in good hands. 

We would like to believe that we have tackled all the questions you might have had before signing up as an MMP panel member, but that might not be true. Feel free to drop us a line through the contact us page if you still have any questions before joining us, or if you have enrolled but have more questions. 

Come shape the future with us 

We, at My Medical Panel, invite you to be a part of something bigger and better, to help shape the medical landscape of the future and of now, and to make this world a better place to live in.

Now that we have you excited, the only question that remains is “How soon can you hop on the MMP bandwagon?”

Start making a difference in under 5 minutes


What is My Medical Panel?

My Medical Panel is an online community of healthcare professionals across the globe, who join this platform to provide their expert opinion on medical surveys thereby helping all the concerned in bringing out incremental or radical changes in the future medical solutions.

How can I Join My Medical Panel?

Please click on the Join Us button on our website and fill the requested information. You will be receiving a confirmation via email/phone call to confirm the details you have shared.

Is there any subscription or membership fee?

No, there is no subscription or membership fee. Rather, we provide incentives in the form of honorarium when you participate in our research studies.